Nontoxic Pest Control


There are many tools and strategies for nontoxic pest control - using them together is known as Integrated Pest Management - a synthesis of combining tools from different areas to achieve a more total pest control.


  1. Lice can not survive off of the body of the host for very long - lice are unlikely to inhabit clothing / linens.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum each room daily wherever lice have been a problem. Spray carpets and mop floors
    with Safe Solutions TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner (1 oz. per quart of water), or with Safe Solutions Not Nice to Bugs®. If necessary, spray furniture, bed and linens too.
  3. Vacuum the infested areas thoroughly daily. If you are dry-vacuuming live lice, add a small amount of Safe Solutions Food-Grade DE, talcum or medicated body powder to the dry vacuum first. If you are wet-vacuuming live lice, add a small amount of Safe Solutions TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner or liquid detergent to the wet-vacuum first.
  4. Assign each student his/her own locker or coat hook. Do not allow children's garments to intermingle.
  5. Download and print a copy of Chapter 16 Lice & Scabies for parents and teachers to read.

Lice Treatment

  1. Safe Solutions Lice R Gone® nontoxic shampoo removes lice and nits on contact – guaranteed effective. Pesticide-free, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. An 8 oz. bottle contains 16 uses - enough for families, repeat cases and follow-up prevention. Also available in convenient single-use packets. Safe for all ages. FDA registered. Visit the official Lice R Gone® website.
  2. If you have trouble removing nits or previously used pediculicide treatments without succes, Lice R Gone® should be left on for 30 minutes to soften the nit glue that may have been hardened by the chemicals.
  3. Use Safe Solutions Tangles R Gone® hair conditioner to help remove stubborn nits with a nit comb.
  4. For persitent lice cases, wash each family member’s hair once a week for 3 weeks with Lice R Gone®.
  5. Heat kills lice - cover the hair with a shower cap and heat with a hair dryer, or visit a sauna.
  6. Salt water will also kill lice, but will not remove nits. Soak hair in salt water or swim in the ocean.

If you are still seeing lice, read the entire Chapter 16 - there is still more to learn about nontoxic lice control.

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